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Released to Elsewhere: The Nazis covered up the Holocaust by

Except just kidding, this is a Red Herring! The justification of his father’s “pledge”, as to why Lief’s parents are oddly insistent that their only child go on an extremely dangerous quest when Barda would’ve been happy to do it himself, makes much more sense when you realize that they likely wanted Lief to return [...]

I Did What I Had to Do: Bill notes to Galen at the end of the

If you chose the Shadow Armor to complete Gate’s fortress in X6, you WILL have to continue and change armor after the first stage because of a Bottomless Pit you can’t cross. Everyone else can cross it, but Shadow Armor lacks an air dash. Ironic, since the Shadow Armor otherwise makes these final stages far [...]

The weather is wintry and gray and there is no football this

Yesterday morning, I finished my second scarf and started a third, using left over yarn from the first two. The first one was a cross between mousy brown and dove gray, with hints of other colors also in the yarn. It kind of a unisex color, which is why I chose it for the first [...]

Cat Fight: Can actually happen between Aerie

Word of God says it was decided that he was too similar to Private Godfrey and dropped. Drunk with Power: Mainwaring and Hodges throughout the series. Frazer during his brief stint as The Tyrant Taking The Helm. Due to the Dead: Spoofed when Jonesy knocks out a radio controlled secret weapon. “I’ve killed it!” Somber [...]

Chairman of the Brawl: Twilight uses a chair during her fight

Due to the Year Inside, Hour Outside nature of the Digital World, the entire plot of Frontier ends up taking place within a single chapter of the adaptation of the Battle of Adventurers movie. Reality Ensues: Digimon are clearly equal to humans in both mental and emotional ways therefore Rika’s casual killing and uploading of [...]

Also where Saturn in Cap is concerned

So every morning I dealing with that. Gets up when Moses awakens. First order of the day is to clean up and shower Moses, who finds the sensory input of the experience such an ordeal that he cries and protests. Speaking of guns: The Brecksville Broadview Heights Democratic Club is holding a forum on guns [...]

In my opinion, one of the very few “gang” films that seemed to

American Me 1992 Edward buy canada goose jacket J. Olmos cheap Canada Goose made his directorial bow with the powerhouse crime saga American Me. Olmos stars as street gang leader Santana, who during his 18 years in Folsom Prison rules over all the drug and murder activities behind bars. Upon his release, Santana goes back [...]

As they grow older, they may still have fond feelings or an

One best way to keep your iPad in its pristine condition is to get a LouLux iPad letaher case. This type of protective case supports and protects your iPad against damaging factors such as dirt , humidity, sudden jolts, and more. The beautiful touch screen of an iPad is one of the most important [...]

* – [Siege in the population

For the evening, a green floral option could be Frederic Malle le parfum de therese. It has a brilliant tropical personality without ever plunging into the full on Malibu/coconut/tanning oil arena (nothing against Malibu, I should add Manoumalia is lushly green yet understated with an almost undetectable earthy/ note. She no sillage monster and would [...]

(We’re kidding!) Lucky for you

what jennifer lawrence would do if she ever met donald trump Bora Bora is not the easiest of destinations to get to an 8 hour Air Tahiti Tui flight from Los Angeles takes KnockOff Handbags you to Tahiti, the capital of French Polynesia, then you have to take another 40 minute flight to the island [...]