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Disney Death: Something like this happens

Different boat cruises along the Thames will cater to different tastes, budgets and senses of adventure. A common option one where you sit back, relax and watch the city glide by at leisure, while a learned guide provides commentary along the way. Often, such cruises include gourmet meals, a great selection of wines and some [...]

Berserk Button Don’t tell Tom that he doesn’t have an agent

‘i’ve been playing the devil for 65 years’ Designer Replica Bags In the Bleak Midwinter (released in the United States as A Midwinter’s Tale) is a 1995 black and white film written and directed by Kenneth Branagh. Having just finished directing and starring in his epic adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein the previous year, and [...]

The people of Sino Tau have risen up against their oppressors

Second, self defense should be simple. When you start to learn martial arts, stick to the basics. Learn to apply them in multiple situations. Overly complicated techniques go out the window when your adrenaline is pumping your hands are shaking, and the tunnel vision kicks in. Very often the most basic instinctual techniques have the [...]

Friendly Address Privileges: Dorothy asks Petra to call her

What I find most incredible about all of this is not that this company won’t release the data. it’s that a private company has any control over this data at all. but the actual process of counting votes, that should never be the responsibility of anything other than a independent public body, the privatisation of [...]

Then again, this is Sunnydale

All artificial humanoid constructs are treated as humans by default in the Lyrical Nanoha universe, including cyborgs, clones with constructed personalities, living magical programs running off another mage’s mana, and full androids whose creator accidentally gave human level personalities. The series actually takes it even further than most by having the Empathic Weapons treated as [...]

the War, Rose brother, Lauder uncle John Schotz, came to live

find tips articles at article sphere replica handbags store Reilly was going to be free in two weeks, and being the astute GM that I am, I made a trade in which I still commend (then Eskimos GM) Ed Hervey for having the intestinal fortitude to make a trade for a guy who was going [...]

1 Up: Rather frequently in JSS

Kill ‘em All: The Battle of Hogwarts puts up a valiant attempt to carry out this trope on the protagonists with some very nasty curses involved. Sluagh, is worse. A Peccatis seems to be doing this to the previous generation. MST: The fic has received several sporkings. National Stereotypes: Seamus and the other Irish characters [...]

We lived in the officer’s mess

My iMac wireless keyboard went nuts sporadically typing forward slashes for no apparent reason. I read blogs and it was recommended to get a new keyboard. I opted for Apple’s Magic Keyboard. “I’m a real wind in my hair girl, I’m frightened by London,” she said. “In 1983, we were poised to go and live [...]

The CMLL Reina International title belt and the CMLL Reina

Actually a shard from one of the Orbs of the Prophets, the Pagh’varam can be used to focus and amplify baseline psychic energies. Oralian recitation masks, used by an ancient Cardassian/Hebitian religion now seeing a revival, have a similar purpose. Finally, the Eav’oq mind crystals in Rising Son might also be amplifier artifacts of a [...]

Even in his human form, he has what looks like another set of

More Teeth than the Osmond Family: The Manticore. Even in his human form, he has what looks like another set of teeth painted across his face. New Age Retro Hippie: Nick “Bearclaw” is introduced as one of these in Names of Magic. The Stinger: Each video would feature a trailer for the next video [...]